Coconut beaded necklaces

Posted in Jewelry on February 13, 2015 by Stella Gravois

With the spring approaching and the sun shining in my office I decided to create a few summer beach necklaces.

PROMO Jewel Generators Surfers Necklace Model 1For him a classic ‘Surfers Necklace’ complete with shark tooth. This shark tooth comes in both light and dark ivory and in a silver version. The necklace has a silver barrel closure. Ten patterns are included and can be made using the color picker scripts.

PROMO Jewel Generators Beaded Necklace Model 1For her I made a double necklace with an elegant mother of pearl shell on the longer string. The beads are strung on two leather cords that close with a simple knot in the neck. I found some different shells that match the different colors of the beads. For those of you who wear the mesh breasts a script is included. Simply drag it in the ready-made necklace to change the position of the shell so it will fit your shape. In this pack you will also find ten different patterns included.

Promo TT Texture Pack Coconut Beads

But what if you want another pattern? What if you would like to have green beads or sea blue? For this purpose I introduced a texture pack. In it you will find all 42 different textures used to make the patterns. If you want a different pattern, simply drag the textures of your choice to the beads. Two textures included are a bit different, they are to be used as layers in your graphical program. The multiply layer texture contains the shadows and the soft light one the highlights. Simply download the textures to your hard disk and use them to create new beads. A simple tutorial notecard helps you to do this.

These necklaces are the first ones in the Jewelry collection, that are SL materials enabled. This means that they have a photorealistic appearance. The bone part of the shark tooth has little cracks, the beads have a realistic ribbed pattern. The soft shine of the mother of pearl in the shell changes when you walk and the catch the light of the sun. You need to be able to enable the Advanced Lighting Model in the graphical tab of your Preferences. Of course the necklace will look very natural even without this wonderful feature.

 Promo Beaded Necklace Black&Tan  Promo Surfers Necklace Black&White

Of course there is a demo for both necklaces, but besides you will find a necklace for him and one for her in the Mini Mania board. These models, with unique pattern, are no modify, but scripted to be renamed. You can add them to your latest creation, sell the separately or give them away in your lucky boards or hunts. Just make sure you make then EITHER copy OR transfer and not both!

Don’t wait any longer and hop over to the main store to get your demo model or play for the free ones in the boards.

Some mixed news and a warning

Posted in Store information on February 1, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Giftcard warningLet me start with that WARNING. This morning there was another bot handing out false gift cards. They are NOT MINE and they are extremely dangerous; once rezzed they will empty your balance in seconds. I put out a great number of warning signs all over the store. DO NOT accept any gift card that is not called .:TT:. Store Card and that you don’t expect. Only accept a card that you purchased or won from the gacha machine or from the MiniMania board. Mute the bot that is handing out the false card and file an abuse report immediately.


Updated Mini Mania boards in the Main Store

I removed the old Christmas stuff and filled the boards with some Valentine and St Patrick items from last year and with a new outfit. This Ballgown and Tutu is made with the Wild Silk Pack. The prim skirts are no mod, but are scripted to be resized and renamed. Like all the products with these limited permissions you are allowed to use this gown as group gift, hunt item or lucky chair gift.

Promo Pink Rose Gown & Tutu

BidBox news

On the 3D Republic Sim I have 2 bidboxes. The auction now runs for the full day. Each item will stay in the box for 2 weeks. The coming weeks I have on one board the buttoned T-Shirt for him and on the other the Satin Valentine Dress – both start with a very attractive opening bid.


New Month

Since February started today I filled the Daily Sales board in the Main Store and the Midnight Mania board at the TMT Sim with new items.


Lots of nice goodies I would say. Add the 24 lucky boards at the E&D Sim and the gacha machines on all locations with a winning chance of over 80% and I know I will see a bunch of happy troopers this weekend.

How to Texture Mesh

On Facebook one of the ideas that was suggested was a tutorial on how to texture Mesh UV Maps. Today BJ MacIntyre published a very good tutorial on SL Designer on the subject. Many pictures make this tutorial even suited for beginners. THANK YOU BJ

Good ideas are to be shared…

Posted in Storedecoration on January 29, 2015 by Stella Gravois

TT Gatcha Machine PosterThe Store Card Gatcha Machine.

From today on there will be a Gatcha Machine, like the one from Mesh Agency, in all of my stores. You pay 150L to get a store-card. The value of the store-card varies from 75L to 1500L and I set the machine up so your chances to win a card of equal value or more is 75%. The store cards from the machine can be used by yourself to increase your store-credit but they can also be used as a gift!

New suggestions and ideas

Sometimes you just NEED a certain generator, template or tutorial! Until now you could drop those ideas in my suggestion box, but the truth is that those notecards sometimes disappeared in my super messy inventory and with the notecard, some good ideas disappeared as well. From now on you can drop your idea on Trendy Templates Facebook page. Here you also can like the idea’s from other designers. The more likes, the bigger the chance that your suggestion is being made. No custom work, so no extra costs either! I have already put a few suggestions that have been lingering in my inventory. Vote for them in you like the idea.

Mesh Agency Boutique in your favorite store

Posted in Store information on January 27, 2015 by Stella Gravois


Today MiA has set up a beautiful Mesh Agency Boutique on the top floor next to Uncle Gerry’s Texture store. Her full perm mesh shoes are to die for and you will find a wide range of them for sale. But not only shoes I have seen handbags, a pinned poster for the promo’s in your store and on the central area on the ground floor some Valentine items that you don’t want to miss.

MeshAgency_001In her boutique upstairs you also find the famous Gift Card Gatcha machine. Pay 150L and get a gift card. The value of those gift cards go from 50L to no less than 2000L This is definitely worth a flutter. Don’t hesitate and visit this new boutique at Trendy Templates Main Store.


Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Snapshot_001You may have or have not walked in one of those protest marches that were held all over the world during the past few days. Perhaps you wanted but you were not able to, due to health or distance issues. Now is the time you can raise your voice against barbarism in Secondlife. I made a small sculpted pencil with the text ‘JE SUIS CHARLIE’ for you to pick up as a free gift. Included you will also find this text in English and on 2 nano sculpts at 50% and 25%. Choose the black one or the one with the colors of the French flag. Put them as a stand in your store, make earstuds of them, use them as the heels for some shoes or give them away to your own group. Use and share them any way you want. Let’s all make a statement for freedom of speech.

Only available at the main store

And one more new Bestsellers Store

Posted in Store information on January 13, 2015 by Stella Gravois

3D Republic_002

On the 3D Republic sim I opened today a new bestseller store. Of course you will find here the bestselling items of last month but the most fun you will no doubt have with the two BidBoxes that are located in the store.

Each weekend 6 items from the collection will be auctioned. The openings bid is a price between 50% and 70% lower than the normal sales price. Each of you can place a bid that is at least 1L$ higher than the current bid. An auction will last for 3 hours, the highest bidder at the end of the auction will get the item. A new auction with that same item will start immediately so you will have new chances to win this round. Before you enter the auction please read the information notecard. During the week you will be able to see what items is going into auction and on what day, drop by to be prepared. You find the new store on the 3D Republic Sim


Posted in Store information on December 24, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Christmas 2014_001And a big THANK YOU for your loyal support over the past year again. To celebrate Christmas and to express my ongoing gratitude I have asked Santa to put something for you all under the Christmas Tree.

Wear your group tag and pick up this free gift that I am sure ALL of you can use! Together we are going to make 2015 another year full of fashion, designs and (hopefully) great sales!

Happy Building



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