20 New Generators on SALE & New Store

Posted in Store information on May 1, 2015 by Stella Gravois

TMT new_001

Only one month until the Junerator Month starts. In the run-up to this annual event I have set another TWENTY GENERATORS on a permanent 33% discounted price. In total there are now 35 generators available for the smaller purse.

I also moved to a bigger store at the TMT location. Here you will find the Midnight Mania Board and also ALL the generators on SALE!

Don’t hesitate and grab the landmark to check out this super nice store.

Free Photo Studio Use

Posted in Store information on April 5, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Photo studio blog picture

Over the years I collected almost 400 different poses to create my vendor pictures. As an Easter Gift I decided to share my poses with all of you!. I polished up my photo studio and gave it a HUD to control the studio colors, textures and the lights.

I gave it nine prefixed colors and added some fancy studio backgrounds and even a few real life landscape, ocean and sky textures. The lightning is set up in a professional way, with main light, fill light and background lights. I adjusted the lights so you can either use it with the new Lightning Model set up or with the somewhat less setting with only Basic and Atmospheric Shaders. You can read more about the studio on the help page https://trendytemplates.wordpress.com/tt-free-photo-studio-help/

In the parcel of the former classroom I built 7 skyboxes, each with a studio. In each studio you will find different poses: female or male static or moving poses, Fairy, Child or Special Poses. You can pick up a free HUD to control all studio’s. Now you have an enormous amount of poses to choose from. You may rez your own props too, but please keep an eye on the prim count! The parcels auto-return is set to an hour.

Yes the use of the studio is FREE for Trendy Template Update Group-members. You will find a donation board in each skybox, if you appreciate the service, a donation is highly appreciated. I will use the donations to buy more poses.

Of course it is possible to get this studio, without the poses of course, to use in your own atelier. It is available on the marketplace only.

Don’t hesitate and drop by in this new TT location to check it out!


Posted in Female, Sportswear on March 31, 2015 by Stella Gravois

TT SoccerBabes Promo

With a new sports season opening I offer you this double pack.

The tops are in 2 different styles; one with a plunging neckline and one higher closed version. Each style comes in 2 colors and each top has a long and a short version. This way you will have 8 different outfits in one pack. This way you can dress the soccer team as well as the cheerleaders.

On the psd file you will find a lot of layers, so you can mix and match with contrast, colors and other details.

The flexi pompoms have their generator too. In 3 easy steps you can make your own combination of ribbons. These pompoms made of 256 prims come with a sculpted handle. A sculpted sun cap in matching colors and a soccer ball complete this pack.

Check it out on the marketplace or get your 5% discount at the main store.

OffShoulder Cocktail Dress now with full permissions

Posted in Female, Formal Wear on March 21, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Promo OffShoulder CocktailDress

Sometimes you plan on doing things and, when something else came in between, you forget all about it again. Well this elegant off shoulder dress is one of them. I had even already made a folder in my inventory for the full permission version. This morning someone asked me for the full permission pack and I blushed…. FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT IT.

But here it is: an elegant a-symmetric cocktail dress with split on the back, angled skirt and sculpted off-shoulder sleeves. This dress has been in the collection for some time as a group only item with limited permissions. On special request I made the full perm version now. I added the colors Black, Blue and Green to the existing Red and Purple versions. Highly detailed PSD files and generators to create the prim elements with your name as the creator complete this pack.

The 5 seamless textures are included in this package. I made them especially for you and for this dress, but I bet you will find many more application.

Check out the marketplace or hop over to the main store to get your 5% discount.

Retail buildings available

Posted in Store information on March 18, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Release Stores

On special request I released most of the small stores that I build especially for the Kikai Market. They are sculpted and prim buildings, no mesh involved, so you can squeeze, stretch and shrink them as much as you want. The permissions on these stores is Modify, Copy, but NO Transfer.

All buildings come in a rezbox, one click and easy positioning. Please get a demo building before you buy the store of your choice. The demo will rez a normal – no modify – store, but the store disappears after 5 minutes.

You will find the stores on a separate marketplace account. The stores are not sold in world.

Kikai Market Square

Posted in Store information on March 9, 2015 by Stella Gravois


I am so proud to present to you the Kikai Market Square, which enlarges the landing point of my main store. Sunlit and peaceful, wide and yet cozy, a southern Europe market square bordered by fourteen stores in different sizes. In the shade of a large tree there is a pavement café where you can meet up with your friends enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Sizes & prices

None of those surrounding stores look the same, still they come in four sizes. The 4 smallest have a façade of sixteen meters wide. You may use up to 54 prims and pay 150 linden per week. The 6 medium stores are 16 meter wide, allow 73 prims and will cost you 200L/week. Two larger stores have a façade of 20 meter and a prim allowance of 91 prims for a price of 250 L$/week and the two XXL stores could even be your main store! 1072 square meters and 2 floors with 245 prims to use. For these large stores you would have to pay 600 L&/week.

ALL stores are on separate parcels this means:

you can…

  • set your own music;
  • set the name & description of your store in the about land;
  • give out landmarks directly to your store;
  • set your landing point and teleport conditions;
  • put your logo in the about land texture;
  • list your store in your profile with direct access;
  • list your store in search (optional – 30 L$/week extra paid directly to Linden Lab);

On a regular basis events are going to take place on the market square with hunts to draw even more customers. Store renters can pick a free stall to join these events without extra costs.

The landing point of Trendy Templates Main Store is directly on the market square, this means that on a daily basis between 100 and 200 individual avatars visit the place. Get an info notecard at the rentbox for more information.

By the way the store buildings are going to be on sale soon. They are all low prim and fully modifiable. Check out the builders store on the Marketplace for a demo.

The Wall

The Wall LogoOn the far end of the square you will find ‘The Wall’ The wall is a collection of shopping windows, a place to sell or to show off your best selling products, your newest releases and or the products you love the best. Here you may sell your favorite pair of shoes, the best dress you ever had or perhaps something customers do not expect to find here, a script, a texture or an animation. You will pay only 50 L per week and can use 20 prims.

You see different lay-outs for the windows. Don’t worry if your favorite is no longer available. After renting and invitation to the group of merchants, you will be given a folder with several different lay outs (2 or 3 prims each) Simply ask Stella to remove the default set up and shove in your fully modifiable window lay-out. Get an info notecard at the rentbox for more information.

Trendy Template’s Raffle Board

Yes it is BACK! The weekly raffle that gives you the chance of winning a 500L storecard. You simply click the board once every day and you will be in with 7 entries. The board is located inside ‘The Wall’ in window nr 40. You are very much invited to go there to click the board and in the meantime look at the displays in the windows.

Don’t hesitate to drop by and scare away some of the pigeons near the drinking fountain. I tried, but they keep coming back and sh!t all over the place.

Coconut beaded necklaces

Posted in Jewelry on February 13, 2015 by Stella Gravois

With the spring approaching and the sun shining in my office I decided to create a few summer beach necklaces.

PROMO Jewel Generators Surfers Necklace Model 1For him a classic ‘Surfers Necklace’ complete with shark tooth. This shark tooth comes in both light and dark ivory and in a silver version. The necklace has a silver barrel closure. Ten patterns are included and can be made using the color picker scripts.

PROMO Jewel Generators Beaded Necklace Model 1For her I made a double necklace with an elegant mother of pearl shell on the longer string. The beads are strung on two leather cords that close with a simple knot in the neck. I found some different shells that match the different colors of the beads. For those of you who wear the mesh breasts a script is included. Simply drag it in the ready-made necklace to change the position of the shell so it will fit your shape. In this pack you will also find ten different patterns included.

Promo TT Texture Pack Coconut Beads

But what if you want another pattern? What if you would like to have green beads or sea blue? For this purpose I introduced a texture pack. In it you will find all 42 different textures used to make the patterns. If you want a different pattern, simply drag the textures of your choice to the beads. Two textures included are a bit different, they are to be used as layers in your graphical program. The multiply layer texture contains the shadows and the soft light one the highlights. Simply download the textures to your hard disk and use them to create new beads. A simple tutorial notecard helps you to do this.

These necklaces are the first ones in the Jewelry collection, that are SL materials enabled. This means that they have a photorealistic appearance. The bone part of the shark tooth has little cracks, the beads have a realistic ribbed pattern. The soft shine of the mother of pearl in the shell changes when you walk and the catch the light of the sun. You need to be able to enable the Advanced Lighting Model in the graphical tab of your Preferences. Of course the necklace will look very natural even without this wonderful feature.

 Promo Beaded Necklace Black&Tan  Promo Surfers Necklace Black&White

Of course there is a demo for both necklaces, but besides you will find a necklace for him and one for her in the Mini Mania board. These models, with unique pattern, are no modify, but scripted to be renamed. You can add them to your latest creation, sell the separately or give them away in your lucky boards or hunts. Just make sure you make then EITHER copy OR transfer and not both!

Don’t wait any longer and hop over to the main store to get your demo model or play for the free ones in the boards.


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