New small rentals on Kikai Market Square

Posted in Store information on September 2, 2015 by Stella Gravois

SouqOn the successful Kikai Market Square you now will find several different street vendors, you can choose from having a small stall in the local Souq or a little pick up ‘tuk-tuk’ truck, a pushcart, a cargo bike or even a simple blanket on the floor. They are located on places with high traffic and allow you to have 25 prims to sell your stuff.

The landing point for the Kikai Market is inside the souq and therefore a VERY popular place to have a vendor point. These stalls cost 100L/week for 25 prims.

The other Street vendors are 75L/week for 25 prims. Some are real close to other busy points so pick your location carefully.

TukTukStreet vendors may join in the Steal Deal of the Week lists that will appear for Kikai Market from September 6 where merchants offer big discounts on one of their products.

Drop by at the Kikai Market Square to see if there is a place for you to join the popular group of Kikai Merchants.

Last Junerator release in 2015

Posted in Building Aid, Hair on June 29, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Last Junerator 2015

4 weeks ago I released the first hair generator and the first series of hair dye sets and oh my how great you guys have received that. The demo pack was picked up over a hundred times in the first week. I had promised you to create a lot of hair textures, so you can personalize your hair as much as possible. Today, in our last release of Junerator 2015 I present you the last of five hair dye series: two more blondes (Pearl & Beige), one Gold and two more reds (Ruby & Burgundy).

Are you in for some figures? With these last series the total amount of hair dyes sets comes to 75 different color packs. This means there are 150 hair bases available and I uploaded 1050 different textures in one month (now you understand why the Lindens love me). In the demo pack you will find all textures neatly arranged on 3 boards. Each demo has a haircut for him and for her in the color of your choice to see how the color would look on you. Pick up a demo at the marketplace of come over to the main store to gaze at the wall of hair dye sets.

I will be taking the coming month off to enjoy some holidays. I hope you will all enjoy a good summer and have fun with your new toys :)

More haircuts @ Trendy Templates

Posted in Building Aid, Hair on June 27, 2015 by Stella Gravois

PROMO Female Updo&Tails Model BIt says something about a collection of styles when the selection that looks the most “fussy” is a ponytail. Of course, as ponytails go, this Updo&Tails Model B is the classier of the species. The hair is pulled back loosely to the back of the head leaving a lot of volume to show in the face. The fastener is hidden by wrapping the hair in an extra roll. The front of the hair is smooth as can be with one or two teasing strands gracing the face with an elegant diagonal line.

PROMO Male Short Model CAnd for him some pulled back hair as well. Dare to be different, wear your hair in them Man Bun! Based on the Japanese Samurai hair styles and made popular by the Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this hairstyle is quickly on the rise to becoming the most popular hairstyle for young trend setters. In Male Short Model C the bun is part of an undercut hairstyle (use the hair-base for the proper effect).

Get your demo set from the marketplace or check out the main store to get your 5% discount on these new hair styles.

Sparkling Gemstones in new generators

Posted in Building Aid on June 23, 2015 by Stella Gravois

PROMO Jewel Generators GemStone Set Model 1

Perhaps you remember the wedding tiara I released October last year. Today I present you a matching set of jewelry. A necklace, matching bracelet, ring, and ear studs made of sparkling gradient gemstones. There are 14 different colors available, so this set will not only be a wedding set. Just imagine how stunning this set would look on your latest evening gown using the birthstone that matches your avatars birthday.Snapshot_001

Of course you can buy the jewelry in separate packs, but to celebrate the Junerator month I packed the whole set in a discount pack. Pay 3 – Get 4 and save 20% on this breathtaking set.

Pick a demo at the marketplace of hop over to the main store.

Color your hair day – June(rator)

Posted in Building Aid, Hair on June 19, 2015 by Stella Gravois

PROMO Female Updo&Tails Model AFor her I designed  festive Up-Style hair. The back, after it was gathered in the nape, was pinned upt with pins to shape coils and twists full of motion and romance, while the fringe on the front is smooth and fully developed and styled into the forehead. This look can easily be pimped up with an elegant hat, flowers or a veil.

His hair is cut in a sleek, casual, yet sophisticated model. Short, but not too short, with long layers and the hair parted gently on the side. The look offers expression for a man who is caught between the business world and his inner rock star.PROMO Male Short Model A

And now for coloring your hair. Twenty-seven new dye-sets to pimp up your models. Did I tell you that the hair dye sets will work on ALL models made by the generators, even the ones that will be made in the future? Even if you would add strands to a certain model they will work with the dye set as long as you ONLY use the white textures from the included dye set.

Junerator 2015 19

This week’s colors vary from grey tones to the most colorful hair dyes you can imagine. In the hair demo rezzer you will find a male and a female haircut to see how the color would work for you.

Pick a demo at the marketplace of hop over to the main store.

Special requested generators

Posted in Building Aid on June 16, 2015 by Stella Gravois

Builder Aid Skirt Generator Long Model TAmal's Dress for Long Model TI made 2 new generators on special request. The first one is Long Model T, made after the Red Silk dress worn by Amal Clooney at the Met Gala 2015. This elegant long dress is made of 269 panels and is worn in 5 separate parts. A panel generator produces 4 different panels, that you could texture in different ways to create your own stunning looks.

PROMO TT Skirt Generator GirlKid Model I

Girls Tutu for KidGirl Model GThe other dress, KidGirl Model I, is a little princess for the cutest little girls in sl. The 226 prims tutu is made of fluffy satin and lace roses. As a bonus I added a ruffle generator that creates the little roses ruffle on the chest. One single small rose can be worn in the hair to complete this cutest of all dresses.

The demos are resize scripted of course so you can check for yourself how they will fit your (mesh) avatar. Come and pick up a new demo rezzer at the main store or order it for free on the marketplace.

A new hair-day in June(rator)

Posted in Hair on June 12, 2015 by Stella Gravois

It’s high time to release some more hair models. The Demo Rezzer has been picked up over a hundred times in the past two weeks but one model to start this new line of generators is a bit poor.

PROMO Female Medium Model AFor her I created a fabulous sleek look  that really frames the face beautifully. The long, straight, blunt and geometric bang rests right at the eyebrows. Of course this medium long hair is flexi so it moves in the wind, showing the fine texture of the hair. This look is perfect for an evening on the town, and works especially well in contrast to more traditional dress.

PROMO Male Short Model AFor him I picked a kind of bowl haircut, with a wink to the funny mushroom heads of the 90’s, but the dust of retro has been firmly blown off. The haircut has the rounded volume on top, the sides ends at the ear and the neck is short and layered. The bangs are parted on the right side with a slight sweeping curve while the rest is neatly rounded from top to bottom.

Dye Sets Junerator 2015_2I also release ten more dye sets to personalize your designs. This time some cool and sunny colors. Pick a dye set of your choice and color all the models from TT Hair Generators you have or will have in the future.

The demo rezzer you have is scripted to give you the latest updated version. Simply rez your old Hair Generator Demo console and you will be presented the latest version with these new hair styles and dye sets. But of course you can pick one up from the marketplace or hop to the main store to get your 5% discount on the new models.


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