New Bestseller Store

Posted in Store information on December 10, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Bestseller at E&D

Today I opened a new large bestseller store. Not only you will find here the generators that sold best last month, but also the templates, textures, tutorials and even the group only items. Curious what you missed and others got? Fly over to the new store to check. To make the trip even more worthwhile I set up 24 lucky boards with all new items. And with almost as many boards as there are letters in the alphabet there is no need to shout out the letters in chat.

You will find this store at the E&D Textures Sim

Other bestseller stores are:

Snapshot_004The store at the Texture-Me-True Sim is small but cosy. Here you find the eighteen bestselling generators plus 3 tutorials. In the center of the store you find a sales board that sells successful generators at 50% discount. One generator every day and each month new generators. Don’t miss this steal deal.


Bestseller at UndergroundThe store at the UNDERGROUND sim is a bit bigger. Apart from the bestselling generators you will also find some popular PSD packs. On the midnight mania board you will find generators taken from the normal collection. Be there before the board locks and you get your generator for free. Turn right before you go down the stairs and walk to the second store on your right hand.

Feliz Navidad

Posted in Christmas, Female on December 7, 2014 by Stella Gravois

PROMO TT Feliz Navidad Creation Kit with PSD

Sensual and elegant is how I would call this Christmas Outfit based on a Spanish costume. Very complete with corset, stockings, mini skirt and long skirt. The jacket has both sculpted arm puffs and sculpted sleeves. The Cordoba hat comes with sculpted tassels. But what is most important, this outfit is not only good for Christmas – remove the bells and the snow rim and wear it the year around! With 4 generators, a script and 10 psd files you will be able to create this outfit in any texture and color you can think off. Check out the marketplace or hop over to the main store to get your 5% discount.

Holiday’s discount

Posted in Christmas, Storedecoration on November 30, 2014 by Stella Gravois

On sale 2014

To celebrate the start of the Holiday Season I just put 4 Christmas outfits on sale. You will find them in the center of my main store and in the stall on the Christmas Market at Texture Me True. Get them if you don’t have them yet!

Black Friday 2014

Posted in Store information on November 28, 2014 by Stella Gravois


Just like last year Trendy Templates has its own Black Friday Sales. Today you will find 20 vendors selling products for crazy prices. 50 – 75% discount and not one item over 500L$. I picked five generators, four templates for women, two for men and two for kids all with psd files. Three templates for the Holiday season, three seasonal textures and a lace brush make the range complete.

Beware the Black Friday vendors are GROUP ONLY  and not part of the normal vendor system therefore

  • You do not save store credit on a purchase
  • You cannot get a redelivery on a purchase
  • You cannot use store credit to pay
  • You cannot send the item as a gift
  • However all items bought from the Black Friday vendors fall under the normal TOS agreement.

Get to the Main Store  quickly and get the opportunity while it’s there!

Christmas Charm Necklace

Posted in Jewelry on November 17, 2014 by Stella Gravois

PROMO Jewel Generators Christmas Charm Necklace

Add some style to your holiday collection with Christmas Jewelry. This charm necklace is so cute and precious your customers will most certainly love it. Each one of the fifteen sculpted charms is made with great detail. The three silver and thee gold colliers each come in a variety of colorful charms, just red ones or just green ones. These necklaces use 11 different sculpts and the set of six necklaces uses 54 textures. Made of nano prims you will be able to shrink them a bit more to fit smaller avatars.

By purchasing this necklace generator you will get so much more than just a necklace. Unlink the necklace after it is made and use the charms individually to create a brooch, earrings or a bracelet. Use them as buttons, decoration for shoes, bags and hats or anything that your fantasy comes up with.

Get a demo to see for yourself why this necklace should not be left out on your holiday collection or fly over to the main store to get it with 5% discount.

Vintage Leather Strap Necklace for him

Posted in Jewelry on November 12, 2014 by Stella Gravois

PROMO Jewel Generators Vintage Leather Strap Necklace Model 1The first jewelry generator for him creates this vintage necklace, made of a 20″ leather strap with highly detailed pendants. This necklace is made of 25 prims and includes 9 different sculpts and 39 different textures. I used 4 different colors of leather, from light brown to black and created the pendants in bronze, copper and silver. Add the beads in 9 different colors and you will be able to create over one hundred different necklaces. Twelve necklaces are included for immediate resell.

The necklaces are created to fit the average MALE avatar. A resize script can be used to make this necklace suitable for female avatars. You will find a free resize script set on the table in the center of the store.

Get a demo at the Marketplace or fly over to the Main store to receive your 5% discount.


Crystal Pavé Jewelry set

Posted in Jewelry on November 3, 2014 by Stella Gravois


Promo Crystel Pave set

This week’s release is a set made of beads covered with crushed crystal stones. This gives this set a glimmer look that will go just as well with an evening gown as with a urban jeans outfit. I picked stones of different sizes to bead them in a gradient string and used a silver barrel closure for both the necklace and the bracelet.

The ear-jewelry matching this set is an elegant clip. The non-pierced cuff fit in the ear over the cartilage and a string of gradient beads follow the line of the auricle.

This elegant set comes in 16 different colors and of course with the white one you can create thousands more shades using the system colors.

Have a look at the marketplace of get your 5% discount at the main store.


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