Video tutorial for Slink Gloves & Stockings Hud

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PROMO Tutorial Slink Gloves & Stockings Hud

In response to a specific request I made this 15 minutes video tutorial on how to create a hud that puts your textures on Slink hands and feet. Before you can make any hud you need to apply for a designer kit on their website. After you got your script pack and authorization you can start building your own hud. The video tutorial is showing you how to do that. The pack also includes the readymade (empty) hud, the used textures and some info on how I created the button textures.

TT Christmas Socks Full packWatch this promo video to see if the full version could be of use to you. It is available as group only item in the main store. And to give you something to practice on I released the full pack Christmas stockings as well complete with PSD and PNG files – Group only as well

Trendy Templates Bestsellers

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Today I opened a new store at Texture Me True main store location. It is the first BEST SELLER store. Here you will find the bestselling generators of the past three months. But what is even more interesting, I added a sales board that will sell a generator at 50% discount. Every day of the week you will find a new generator and every month I will change the board to have new generators for a discounted price. Hurry to this new location and make sure you don’t miss a super sale!

Christmas Dirndls

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Yes, I know it is a bit early to start thinking about Christmas, but merchants and designers are always thinking ahead to make sure they are ready when their customers start thinking about their holiday’s outfit.

Vendor TT Christmas Dirndl Creation Kit with PSD

Today I release a set of Christmas dirndls. This super cute, sexy costume comes in 5 colors. The flexi skirt has a rim of flexi fur. It has an apron that is tied on the back with an elegant bow. The sleeves are sculpted and so is the Santa hat. For the regular avatars you could choose for a very naughty version where she leaves of the white top Ohhlala!

Vendor TT Petite Christmas Dirndl Creation Kit with PSD

The petite version shares the same psd files, but of course the skirt sleeves and hat have different generators. Using a resizer script you can adjust the prim elements to fit other small mesh avatars.

Vendor TT Christmas DirndlGirl Creation Kit with PSD

For the little girls I made a special dirndl version. This way she can join mommy in the cute outfit without showing too much. The girls outfit is made for ToddleDoo KidGirl, but again, with resizer scripts you can make it fit other children too. The psd files for top, bottom and sleeves are different from the adult/petite version.

Golden Girls

To give you something to play with I put a golden version of each model in the MM boards at the main store. They will also be for sale at the special reduced Group only price of 99L each.

Now is the time to grab your early bird discount!

Discount 25Only during the month of October you will be able to get combination packs with a discount! Get the pack for Mommy and Girl and get 25% discount (the second one is only half price) or get ALL 3 versions with no less than 33% discount (pay two, get three).  This discount is GROUP ONLY, so make sure you wear your TT Designer tag, left click the discount packs on the floor, choose your method of payment and follow the instructions in chat.

Discount 33

Get started with your Christmas collection and click the link to get to the main store immediately

Wedding Tiara and Veil

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Vendor Jewel Generators Wedding Tiara Model 1This week I present you a wedding tiara. This tiara is completely made of gemstones, no less than 59 prims. Of course you can use this tiara on other formal gown outfits as well. I included 14 different gemstones for you to create your ultimate tiara.

PROMO Wedding Veil Generator Model AOften I got a request for a wedding veil and with the creation of the tiara the veil couldn’t be left out. In the MM boards you will find the generator for a wedding veil. For those of you that do not want to play or ran out of luck, I offer the veil as a group only item at a very reduced price.

On this image you can see how you could create your own wedding gown. Here I used, next to this weeks releases, the skirt generator Long Model R with the included clothing files. If you want to change colors and decoration of the clothes you can purchase the psd files for this dress separately.

Snapshot_006Have a look at the marketplace for the tiara or drop by at the main store to play your luck at the mini mania boards. The veil generator is also available in the Midnight Mania board located in the TT store @ Underground.

More Jewels @ Trendy Templates

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PROMO Jewel Generators Pearl Bypass Ring Model 1Today I release a few more jewel generators. In the ‘Pearl Series’ I add today a ring where sweetly bypassing garlands, encrusted with diamonds, are holding the deep-sea gemstone in place. A very elegant ring that also fits the mesh ‘Slink’ hands. The ring comes in Platinum/silver and white, rose and yellow gold and of course with 16 different colors of pearls.

PROMO Jewel Generators Big Bead Necklace-HalloweenWith Halloween approaching I released another Halloween Necklace, made after a real-life model. Big beads framing the neckline gracefully. One necklace is made of traditional beads, with pumpkins, candy, ghosts, spiders and black cats. The other 2 necklaces are made of playful beads, dotted, ribbed and imitation gemstones. The beads are partially sculpted and the necklaces have a very detailed spring closure. Make one of them in the generator and use a variation picker script to create the others.

Amore Set

I also wanted to thank so many of you who have taken the trouble of telling me how much they like this new set of generators. Is there anything that says ‘I love you’ better than heart shaped jewelry? This special series I called Amore. A sterling silver chain holds an open heart pendant with diamond settings. In the set I made a necklace, a bracelet and matching earrings. Now the good news: they are for FREE! In the newest DEMO Rezzer you will find the bracelet generator as a free trial. Just come and pick up a new copy or rez your old one so we can send you the latest version. Next to a button to check the video tutorial you will find this bracelet generator as a gift! The necklace and earrings generators will be put in the Mini Mania boards and in the Midnight Mania Board at my store @ Underground. Later this week they I will also put them for sale at a very reduced price on the group only wall.

Jewelry Generators

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Blog texture

Have you always wanted to make your own high quality jewelry? Now is the chance to make multi-prim necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear studs and more without funny codes or names in the description but with your name as the creator!

On this new branch on Trendy Templates Generator tree, the first five jewels are being released. On the pearl collection you will be able to get 2 necklaces, a bracelet and matching ear studs. Each pack comes with 16 available pearl colors and when metal parts are included you can choose from silver/platinum, rose gold, white gold or yellow gold to make up to 64 different jewels that match perfectly to every outfit your create.

In the seasonal collection I put a nice Halloween necklace for both him and her. Sturdy links and a bat pendant with ruby eyes. Silver or each of the 3 gold colors can be used for the links, but nobody will stop you if you want to use orange or black links. Just color them before you drop them into the jewel generator. In the instruction video you can see how easy it is to create your own jewels.

Get a free demo-rezzer to get a demo of each model. The demos are resizable so you can check if they would fit your petite or child avatar. More models will  be released soon so keep an eye on the marketplace or on the new jewelry store at TT Main Store.

Halloween Market

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Halloween Market

Trendy Templates is sponsoring another Kikai Market event. A Halloween Market is rezzed and the stalls are now ready to be rented out. The market opens on October 1 and will run until November 1 when Mrs Santa’s Christmas Market will take over.

If you want to join this cozy little market, you can already pick your favorite stall now – rent is paid for the entire market period. There are 5 types of stalls available, from stalls at the landing point (25 prims – 1000L/month) to budget stalls (20 prims – 400L/month). Each stall will join the Halloween Market Hunt. After paying the rent you will be presented a pumpkin with a date number of the month on it. The pumpkin is scripted to give out a gift on that date.  This way customers are drawn back to the market each day and they are invited to search in every single stall for the pumpkin of the day! Get more information on the rental prices and hunt by clicking the rent-boxes in the market stalls.

Halloween Promo PosterFREE STALL – From September 19 until September 23 a daily raffle can be joined at TT Main Store. Just wear your group tag and click to enter. At midnight a winner will be drawn. He or she will get a free market stall (be sure to enter with your main account because the winning stall is NO TRANSFER – only the winner may rez vendors). There are 4 free stalls available.

Hurry to Trendy Templates Main Store to enter the contest.


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