Thank you for your patience!

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Promo new gifts April 2014

I have been working and working on my real life project, but now this is in the hands of my proof-readers so I am going to be back in Second Life. To thank all my loyal customers I filled the Mini Mania Boards with 12 NEW ITEMS and filled the Lucky Boards with Textures and …. Store Credit.

Drop by and play the boards – if you win any store credit DO NOT REZ WHERE YOU HAVE NO REZ RIGHTS. Walk over to the Classroom in the far right corner of the store. Here your build button is lit, so you can rez your credit cards.

Soon I will release some new items…. so hang on in there.


New boutique at Trendy Templates

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Texture Me True_001

I am so very proud to present you one of the best texture manufacturers of SL! TEXTURE ME TRUE opened a boutique on the top floor. You will find the most wonderful textures there including 9 free packs! Come and visit this new branch in your favorite one stop for all designers store!

Sweethearts Dress Templates with PSD

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Promo Sweethearts Dress with PSD

Cute spring flower vintage dress that can be used perfectly for your Valentines Collection. The sculpted collar matches the little pearl/beads border around the cleavage rim. A partly sculpted belt in the same color as the collar holds a very flexi medium long skirt. To underline the vintage character of this dress the skirt has a fluffy tulle underskirt, that makes it swing even more while dancing.

Promo TT Sweethearts Dress AppliersThe used seamless textures are included in the package and the 6 multi-layered PSD files have all used textures included on the templates. UV textures to all prim elements and even the skirt and underskirt textures in separate psd files. A very complete set, with generators to make all prim elements with your name as the creator.

Of course there is a sculpted/mesh breasts applier set available. 6 upper body templates that have been altered to fit the breasts perfectly. The highlights and shade have changed from the original file as well as pattern scale and the size of the beads. Included you will find a download box to get 2 psd files in case you want to use different textures for this dress.

The appliers are no transfer but have the notecard with the configuration. You can copy that configuration into your own appliers. All scripts in the appliers are from third parties and are no modify.

Check it out on the Marketplace or come to the main store to get your 5% discount.

Valentines Store decorations

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Vendor ValentinesValentine’s Day is getting close and we need to decorate our stores before the end of this month. Trendy Templates can be of help. In the MM boards I dropped 3 packs of valentine posters. They are copy/mod and have no textures included. For the impatient ones and the ones that need to have the textures to use them on other projects I released the GROUP ONLY packs as well.Vendor Roses

Come to the mainstore to either try your luck on the Mini Mania Boards or get a full perm pack of your own. Vendor Cupids

Store equipment

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Promo Clothing Box Model ALooking for a nice way to pack your clothing? Back in the old days clothes were sold in a simple prim, usually with the vendor picture on one of the sides and, with a bit if bad luck, twice the size of a regular avatar. You don’t want to be one those merchants.

Promo Clothing Box Model BNow it is simple to pack your outfits in a nice box or bag. Today I release 3 different models of clothing bags. Each pack comes with 2 different boxes and 2 generators to make them with your own name as the creator. Simply drop your vendor picture on the lid and use these to pack your items.

Promo Clothing Box Model C

2014 will be the year that a vendor is a vendor, and a clothing box is a clothing box!

Check out these packs on the marketplace or get your 5% discount at the main store

Budget deal for Christmas

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Promo TT Holly Dress

The Holly Dress comes in 4 colors, this cute little dress is indeed another spinoff from the Satin Butterfly Dress. This model is such a big success though, it needed new textures. The pack is on sale from the very start! No need to wait, grab it and put in in your Christmas Corner without effort!

Check it out on the Marketplace or come to the main store to get your 5% discount.

Black Friday Sales

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Only today November 29 you will find  selling products for crazy prices. 50 – 75% discount and not one item over 400L$. You will find a range of generators, templates (some with psd files), sculpts, textures and tutorials.

Beware the Black Friday vendors are GROUP ONLY  and not part of the normal vendor system therefore

  • You do not save store credit on a purchase
  • You cannot get a redelivery on a purchase
  • You cannot use store credit to pay
  • You cannot send the item as a gift

However all items bought from the Black Friday vendors fall under the normal TOS agreement.

Get to the Main Store  quickly and get the opportunity as long as it lasts!


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