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Posted in Jewelry on September 27, 2014 by Stella Gravois

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Have you always wanted to make your own high quality jewelry? Now is the chance to make multi-prim necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear studs and more without funny codes or names in the description but with your name as the creator!

On this new branch on Trendy Templates Generator tree, the first five jewels are being released. On the pearl collection you will be able to get 2 necklaces, a bracelet and matching ear studs. Each pack comes with 16 available pearl colors and when metal parts are included you can choose from silver/platinum, rose gold, white gold or yellow gold to make up to 64 different jewels that match perfectly to every outfit your create.

In the seasonal collection I put a nice Halloween necklace for both him and her. Sturdy links and a bat pendant with ruby eyes. Silver or each of the 3 gold colors can be used for the links, but nobody will stop you if you want to use orange or black links. Just color them before you drop them into the jewel generator. In the instruction video you can see how easy it is to create your own jewels.

Get a free demo-rezzer to get a demo of each model. The demos are resizable so you can check if they would fit your petite or child avatar. More models will  be released soon so keep an eye on the marketplace or on the new jewelry store at TT Main Store.

Halloween Market

Posted in Group gift, Group Only, Halloween on September 18, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Halloween Market

Trendy Templates is sponsoring another Kikai Market event. A Halloween Market is rezzed and the stalls are now ready to be rented out. The market opens on October 1 and will run until November 1 when Mrs Santa’s Christmas Market will take over.

If you want to join this cozy little market, you can already pick your favorite stall now – rent is paid for the entire market period. There are 5 types of stalls available, from stalls at the landing point (25 prims – 1000L/month) to budget stalls (20 prims – 400L/month). Each stall will join the Halloween Market Hunt. After paying the rent you will be presented a pumpkin with a date number of the month on it. The pumpkin is scripted to give out a gift on that date.  This way customers are drawn back to the market each day and they are invited to search in every single stall for the pumpkin of the day! Get more information on the rental prices and hunt by clicking the rent-boxes in the market stalls.

Halloween Promo PosterFREE STALL – From September 19 until September 23 a daily raffle can be joined at TT Main Store. Just wear your group tag and click to enter. At midnight a winner will be drawn. He or she will get a free market stall (be sure to enter with your main account because the winning stall is NO TRANSFER – only the winner may rez vendors). There are 4 free stalls available.

Hurry to Trendy Templates Main Store to enter the contest.

Schoolgirl Creation Kit

Posted in Big Boob Appliers, Casual, Costume, Female, Group Only, Halloween, Mini Dress, PSD on August 25, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Promo Schoolgirl

Schools have started, at least here in Holland they have, so I made this cute little schoolgirl uniform. It comes in 6 different tartans and of course you can use your own textures too. The costume has a double flexi skirt, a sculpted and flexi matching tie, a sculpted open collar and sculpted rolled up sleeves. On separate layers you will find the sexy stockings with lace garters, the underpants and the bra. To make this complete pack even more complete I added the Lolas :::Tango::: appliers for the bra and the shirt. You better make room in your inventory, since this pack has no less than 40 different texture files, 3 scripts and 3 generators.

PROMO Schoolgirl HalloweenAs a promotional gift I added a Halloween version of this schoolgirl in the MiniMania Board. This pack also has the Tango Appliers included. Since this pack is made with the new permissions, you are allowed to give out this uniform as a group gift or a hunt item.

Check out the Marketplace listing or come and have a quick peek at the model in the main store and play your luck on the boards.

PSD Pack Short Model Q & R

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2014 by Stella Gravois

PROMO PSD Pack Short Model Q

Now you all have the wonderful demo skirt rezzer it is time to get more PSD packs done. Short Models Q and R have their psd pack ready. For short model R the clothes stayed the same as the ones in the pack last year, but short model Q, the ballet dress, got new textures. If you already bought the generator pack you may want to get a redelivery to get the new png files.PROMO PSD Pack Short Model R

As for the demo rezzer, you will be presented a new version as soon as you rez your old one.

To celebrate the new psd packs I loaded some new gifts in my Mini Mania Boards. You will notice that the permissions have changed a bit for the MM board gifts and some of the Group Only items. The prim elements are no modify, but they are scripted to be resized and you can give them your own name too. The system clothes are still full perm, but there are no longer png textures available in those packs. Much to my regret I was forced to do so to protect my interests. The good thing is, that on the group items the prices have dropped dramatically. Over 40 packs are now available for less than 100L. A superb chance to start a collection for new merchants. The other good thing is that you are now allowed to give out the new MM board gifts as a group gift to your own group or use them as a hunt item.

PROMO Summer Dress

PROMO SweetFlower BabyDoll DressPROMO Ballet BeautiesCheck out the Marketplace listing or come and have a quick peek at the main store and play your luck.

New DEMO Rezzer available

Posted in Building Aid on July 15, 2014 by Stella Gravois

New Demo RezzerI am happy to present you the new DEMO REZZER for all Skirt and Ruffle generators. No longer you will find a pile of boxes with all 80+ models messed up in boxes.

The demos are now presented in a rezzer. Click the button of the category you like and a wall will be (temp) rezzed. Click the model you like and you will be presented a folder with just that model.

Other features are:

  • Demo Clothing templates for each model included
  • Resize scripted so you can check for each model if it would fit your (mesh) avatar
  • Link to the tutorials on the website
  • Info on how to get a mega pack with 12.5% discount
  • Automatic updates when a new DEMO REZZER is available

Promo Free Trial Shirt Generator includedBut above all these features you will now find a special model as a free trial for all of you who have not yet tried the generators. A simple instruction notecard in 6 languages will talk you through the process of building a skirt with your name as the creator. This model is ONLY available in the new DEMO REZZER. Be sure to get to marketplace or  the main store to get your free copy.

Junerator Month 2014 Last Week

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Promo 2014 June 5

The last week of this Junerator month is girls only party. We start with a cocktail dress with fluffy, flexi silk roses. Ruffle Model O is the top. No less than 325 prims make this elegant rose ruffle that cascades over one breast. It goes perfectly well with the skirt Special Model I. Here the same roses, just a bit bigger wrap around the hips. The dress has a  little elegant skirt.

More flowers you will find in the silk Belted Model O. This silk is a-symmetrical. A curved silver girdle holds a little corsage of white orchids with some leaves and elegant curly elements. The sheer skirt covers only one hip. Truly a unique model.

The last skirt if this year’s generator celebration is a Long Model S. A full Vienna Ball gown in the style of empress Sisi . The wide crinoline skirt is worn on a very detailed corset that closes on the back. The lace pattern of the bodice returns in the sheer overskirt. This is a formal dress to die for.

Of course the psd packs of these models will be available too. Please pick up the demo rezzer for the Junerator month. In it you will find the demos of all 20 releases, clothes, skirts and ruffles.

Promo PSD 2014 June 5

Take a peak on the marketplace or come to the main store to get your 5% discount and have a look at the models that show the new releases. You will find, next to the individual vendors, this week’s generators packed together and available with 10% discount  and if you want it all complete, just look for the suitcase with the PSD packs. All 7 new products with no less than 12,5% discount! And this included the 25% discount on the buccaneer double pack. ONLY for group members, ONLY THIS WEEK!

If you have missed out one of the megapacks or want to order a custome made megapack, please send a notecard to Stella with 6 or more models to get your 12,5% discount.

Junerator Month Week 4

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2014 by Stella Gravois

Promo 2014 June 4

It is not over yet! This week I present you again four new generator packs. The very elegant gown Long Model R was again a special request. Full luxurious satin underskirt. The sheer overskirts are made of fine chiffon  with lace details on the hem, the same lace that is used in the dress and muffles the cleavage.

The short model U is a little backless cocktail dress. In this dress is a silver glitter ribbon is used along the border of the top and on the hem of the skirt. In the wide skirt you will find some tulle to keep the skirt up. On first glance this silk dress may look simple, but the eye-catching details will make this dress a topper in your collection.

For the men I made a buccaneer shirt. No less than 3 generator are included to create a chest ruffle in 3 parts, sculpted wide sleeves with flexi ruffles and a sculpted girdle with flexi lower shirt. This very complete pack is available as Ruffle Model N for adult pirates and for the ToddleeDoo KidBoys the version is called Model H. Both packs are separate available but also together under one pirate hat with 25% discount. The sturdy hat is a Linden Freebee you all have in your library and the little wooden sword I included as a bonus gift.

Promo PSD 2014 June 4

The PSD packs now come with demo clothing layers. This way you can pick a model you like and check whether it would match another skirt. These multi layered psd packs just invite you to mix and match with all other 80+ skirt and ruffle generators. Just click the vendor and choose ‘get a demo’ from the menu. You will get the used clothing layers copy only.

THERE IS A BRAND NEW DEMO REZZER SYSTEM FOR YOU TO TRY OUT!! All demo’s are now re-sizable so  you can see if they fit your (special) mesh avatar as well. Demo clothing layers included in all demo packs.

Take a peak on the marketplace or come to the main store to get your 5% discount and have a look at the models that show the new releases. You will find, next to the individual vendors, this week’s generators packed together and available with 10% discount  and if you want it all complete, just look for the suitcase with the PSD packs. All 7 new products with no less than 12,5% discount! And this included the 25% discount on the buccaneer double pack. ONLY for group members, ONLY THIS WEEK!


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